Establishing a New Village

An experienced advisory team is recommended for set up and ongoing operation of a new village given the complexity of changing legislation and increasing consumer activism in aged care. Failure to engage this team is a common and costly error made by syndicates and developers.

For example correct legal documentation for the preservation of departure fees for vacating residents has become more frequently challenged.

Local councils specific town planning and zoning provisions need careful consideration from a legal perspective as there are often severe site restrictions and each council has their own prerogatives.

Contract preparation needs to be commenced at an early stage once the type of title has been selected for the project. The contract needs to be compliant with both council and state legislative requirements and when written to be user friendly so it can contribute to the promotion of the village to intending residents.


Protecting your reputation starts with simplifying the complex. This handy checklist should quickly point you in the right direction and help you understand whether you have a case, and where to start to secure the best possible outocme.