Handy Checklists

  • Buying at Auction?

    Before the auction

    • Consult solicitor before the auction
      Talk to your solicitor about the contract before the auction. If changes are
      negotiated, take a copy of the documents to the auction showing the changes.
    • Finance
      Finance must be approved on terms you can afford before the day of the auction.
    • Property and building
      Get any building and pest inspection reports you need before the auction.
    • What is the property worth?
      Do your homework on other properties to get an idea of ‘fair market values’. Look at www.domain.com.au and www.realestate.com.au .
    • Purchasing with another person?
      Decide before the auction:

      • Who will bid?
      • What will be your opening bid?
      • What is your absolute highest bid?

    After the auction

    • Successful bidder must sign contract and pay deposit
      A successful bidder is expected to sign the contract on the spot. You can pay the deposit by personal cheque.
    • What if the reserve price is not reached?
      If you are the highest bidder or the underbidder (next highest), you will be
      invited to stay behind and the agent will encourage you to increase your offer. Take care at this stage to stay within your financial limitations!
    • Negotiating after property is passed in
      We suggest that if you have not already exceeded your absolute highest bid, you say to the agent: “You have my highest offer” or “I will offer another $..” and, in either case, add “I will give the owner one minute to accept it, otherwise I’m leaving”.
    • Don’t stay!
      If you give the owner one minute to consider, you MUST stick to your word
      and leave. If you stay longer, the agent will assume you have more money with
      which to negotiate. Remember – the vendor will be keen to sell on the day.
    • No cooling off period
      There is no cooling off period on a contract exchanged at an auction sale or
      after the auction but on the same day.
  • Moving House?


    †Redirect mail
    Fill out the 2 forms at www.movingservices.com.au and take them to the local post office along with ID (this is a requirement)
    Gas, electricity, water, telephone can all be organised online: www.movingservices.com.au
    Book removalist and plan packing.  www.movingservices.com.au has helpful lists for 4-6 weeks, 2 weeks and first night
    Change address at Roads & Maritime or call 13 22 13 and change it over the phone

    • third party insurance
    • comprehensive insurance
    • association membership

    † Home insurance

    • contents
    • public liability
    • building
    • workers compensation?

    Medical insurance
    Bank, credit cards† Electoral Roll details
    Download enrolment form from www.aec.gov.au


    • Centrelink
    • Dept Vet Affairs

    † Cable/ADSL broadband connection
    † Magazine subscriptions
    † Miscellaneous

    • return library books
    • cancel newspaper deliveries

    Notify family, friends and neighbours


    • Doctor
    • Dentist
    • Optician
    • Vet
    • Tax Accountant
    • Other?

    † Employment
    Notify employers, past and present (and employees?)

    • schools
    • church
    • clubs
    • associations

    † Business

    • safe deposit
    • shares
    • store accounts
    • hire-purchase
    • lay-bys

    † Local services
    List and notify (eg gardener, cleaner, window cleaner, babysitter)
    † Travel concessions
    students, seniors?
    † Order personal address stickers?
    † Plan moving day box
    (snacks, tea/coffee, toilet paper, toiletries, money, champagne etc)


Protecting your reputation starts with simplifying the complex. This handy checklist should quickly point you in the right direction and help you understand whether you have a case, and where to start to secure the best possible outocme.