Trusted Legal Assistance in Real Estate Agency Law

As with many areas of legal practice (and life generally) real estate agency law has become significantly more complex and hence specialised in recent years.

Atkinson Vinden provides a wide range of services in this field to help our clients, particularly the principals of real estate agency businesses, better manage the opportunities and risks in this area.

Our services are geared to all of the needs a business might have for principals contemplating the sale or purchase of an agency (or any of its components, particularly a rent roll, a strata roll or similar) and assisting agents to better manage contentious issues in the day to day conduct of their businesses.

Atkinson Vinden has assisted agents throughout New South Wales in the sale and purchase of franchised and independent real estate agency businesses and in respect to the preparation and negotiation of various agency related contracts.  We have also assisted real estate agents and business brokers in respect to commission claims, general disputes and franchising issues.

Our documentation is second to none and often regarded as “industry standard”.

Our services include:

  • Rent Roll sale and purchase;
  • Real estate agency sale and purchase;
  • Share Sale Agreements in respect to a Rent Roll or agency;
  • General real estate and property law;
  • Mediation and/or litigation of agency disputes including commission claims, retention claims, lost management claims and restraints of trade;
  • Agency / business succession planning, estate planning and documentation;
  • Shareholder / Unitholder Agreements (some linked to Keyman insurance);
  • Agency employment and consultancy law;
  • Agency contracting and services law.

Periodically Atkinson Vinden runs breakfast seminars to better assist and inform our agency and business broker clients of relevant business areas of concern.

To find out more about how we can assist you or if you have a Real Estate Agency enquiry, please call (02) 9411 4466 or email


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