A Property Law Team Driven to Making a Difference

Our property law team has handled thousands of separate property sale or purchase related matters. There are also hundreds of commercial leases handled by AV.  Given the range of matters we handle, we have enormous depth and expertise in this area and look forward to helping you with your property law needs.

Our clients range from large property developers and builders, investment companies, property speculators, retirement villages and aged care operators, right through to individuals buying or selling their family home, or investment property.

If you are to visit our property team on a typical morning, you would see most of our staff on the phone – speaking with clients, calling the other party’s representative, making enquiries with the bank, or liaising with our filing agent regarding an upcoming settlement. There is much organising to be done. Issues arise unexpectedly, clients have urgent questions needing answers, and there is a seemingly endless list of documents to prepare and then ensuring proper execution.

Every file is carefully organised, using precedent documents and a checklist that is strictly adhered to.  Whiteboards at each workstation list the dates of all upcoming settlements. When staff are not on the phone, they are preparing forms, copying or scanning, and helping each other with particularly urgent matters. For large property developments, there is the constant updating of spreadsheets to keep clients informed of the status of dozens of individual transactions.  And there is constant liaison with our accounts team, organising cheques and EFTs, in careful compliance with our trust account keeping obligations.

There is a very strong sense of client loyalty in our property practice.  This is never more apparent than when our staff have the wonderful task of calling a client to advise them that their sale or purchase has settled.  “Congratulations Mr Brown, you are the legal owner of your new home!”  No matter how many of these matters our staff do, the thrill is still the same – a palpable sense that we are making a real difference in the lives of our clients.

One important aspect of engaging a lawyer for a property matter is properly scoping the costs which relate to the work. We are open to negotiating fee arrangements, assisting with cash flow planning and being upfront about costs at all times. For more information about how we charge for services, watch our video below;

Janelle Boutros, Senior Partner, heads up the property team, and provides overall direction to our property operations.

Senior partner Sheena Vinden and special Counsel Guy Vinden direct a lot of the work for property developers and retirement village and aged care operators, and enjoy the many long-standing client relationships the firm has in this area, handling calls on a daily basis from clients of the never ending range of questions and issues to solve.   The team also relies upon the skills and dedication of highly experienced property paralegals.  Regular meetings together which include video training and precedent development ensures consistent and high quality advice to our clients.

If you would like to discuss your property law needs, please contact Janelle Boutros on (02) 9411 4466.

Meet our Property Law Team


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