Professional Legal Advice From an Experienced Family Law Firm.

Ending a relationship can be tough enough, without having to worry about all the legal complexities of children, money, and where you are going to live.

This is why it’s important that you understand the family law process and are confident that you are receiving the right advice from your family law lawyer.

Good advice helps you understand not only the family law legislative pathway but encourages you to explore your options and enables you to make the best decision for you and your family.

The Atkinson Vinden approach

Atkinson Vinden is a dynamic and successful Sydney Law Firm, based in CBD Sydney and Chatswood. We understand the stresses you face, we know the law and we can apply it to your situation so that we can give you the right advice.  We also offer various payment options to make the process easier for you.

Our family law team is made up of experienced lawyers, including Annabel Murray, who is an accredited Family Law Specialist.  Annabel practises in all aspects of family law, in parenting, property, child support and de facto matters.

We also have experienced commercial, property, disputes, and estates lawyers, so that all of the potential complications that might arise in a family law dispute are covered. In particular, we can initiate related court proceedings if needed in Local, District, Supreme Courts or NCAT, we can assist with property transactions, arrange for updated wills to be prepared that reflect the new family reality, and also help to unpick the complications of having some personal assets tied up with shareholding in family businesses.

One important aspect of engaging a lawyer is properly scoping the costs which relate to the work. Given the sensitivity of matters in family law, we are open to negotiating fixed fee arrangements, assisting with cash flow planning and being upfront about costs at all times. For more information about how we charge for services, watch our video below:

This online tool will ask you a series of questions about your personal circumstances so you can receive instant and personalised information. Help our lawyers understand your unique situation so they can make a head start on your family law matter, saving you time and money.

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