Reliable Assistance in All Employment Law Issues

The employment law team at Atkinson Vinden Lawyers understands these real life issues, and so whether we are assisting companies in getting the best out of their staff, or providing advocacy for an employee who feels aggrieved, we take a practical approach that looks for workable solutions for all.


Our specialist Employment lawyers can assist your company with advice in relation to the following types of matters

  • Employee work performance
  • Discipline
  • Termination
  • Redundancy
  • Enforcement of restraint of trade
  • Drafting employment contracts and policies
  • Assist in the investigation of complaints relating to bullying
  • Harassment and misconduct
  • Advise on Award application and obligation
  • Workers compensation issues
  • Deal with complaints to the Fair Work Ombudsman and applications to the Fair Work Commission and Federal Court.

Consciously developing a positive workplace culture is key to good staff retention and achieving the best outcomes from staff. We can help with this, as well as running training sessions for managers on HR issues, and are happy to come to your office to provide these services. We also make ourselves available to provide running advice on workplace issues as they arise, so that issues can be effectively “nipped in the bud” before things get out of hand.


Defending Your Employment Rights?

Our career is a big part of how we define ourselves. When things go wrong at work, it can create enormous stress, and can also colour how we feel about life in general. Our work performance usually reflects how valued we feel, and the degree of autonomy and purpose we have in our job.

We advise on the following types of matters for individuals:

  • Employment contracts,
  • Restraint of trade,
  • Maternity leave and unpaid entitlements,
  • Unfair dismissal and adverse action,
  • Filing various claims around bullying,
  • Harassment and discrimination.

Where needed, we take matters to the Fair Work Commission or Fair Work Ombudsman. The process starts with a face to face meeting, where we talk about all of the issues, and devise together a plan to get things resolved.

Litigation has the potential to be expensive, and in the employment law area, most jurisdictions will not award legal costs.  This means that it is rarely in the interests of either the company or the employee to be tied up in lengthy court action. Our focus in this area is on mediation and resolution. If it is impractical for the employee to return to a workplace, such as when workplace relationships are too damaged, we help negotiate settlement payouts, so that a mutually acceptable resolution can be found, and each party can move on.

We are open to negotiating fixed fee arrangements, assisting with cash flow planning and being upfront about costs at all times. For more information about how we charge for services, watch our video below;

We have particular experience in this area, and our team consists of one of our partners Rod Berry, and one of our employed solicitors, Victoria Quayle. We look forward to assisting you with your enquiry.

In our employment law pages, we have detailed information on unfair dismissal, discrimination, employment contracts, post-employment restraint, employment entitlements, maternity leave, redundancy, and fraud. Click through to read more, email us, or call our team on (02) 9411 4466.

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