Experienced and Trusted in Providing HR Advisory Services

If you are looking for a commercial, HR lawyer in Sydney, or for further information in relation to Human Resources, please do not hesitate to contact any member of our Commercial Law Team.


    One of the many Business Advisory services we provide to clients is a highly experienced and proactive workplace HR Advisory service.

    For most businesses, their staff is their most important asset. A cohesive and productive workforce is often the most important ingredient to business success. By contrast, where staff issues are poorly managed, major problems will inevitably arise which will likely present a very serious risk to the health of a business.

    Atkinson Vinden has been advising businesses regarding employment law issues for over 20 years. We have substantial experience representing clients in the Fair Work Commission, and in responding to complaints to the Fair Work Ombudsman.


    Experience tells us that there are crucial aspects to effective HR management that no business owner should sensibly ignore. These include:

    • having well drafted employment contracts and HR policies with clear terms regarding work performance;
    • having in place clear processes for intervening where workplace performance is substandard;
    • exercising courage in confronting poor performance with appropriate consequences in place;
    • understanding your legal rights and obligations with respect to employees;
    • effectively managing the intellectual property and trade secrets of your business;
    • having in place appropriate restraint of trade arrangements to prevent unfair competition from ex-employees.

    Over the years our employment law team has forged strong relationships with various business clients, in which our HR lawyers provide on the spot, immediate advice where difficult situations arise in the workplace. The consensus amongst our clients has been that confronting issues effectively at the time that they arise, rather than waiting until things get out of hand, ultimately saves time, stress and expense.

    We also enjoy providing training to clients so that they can manage HR issues in a proactive and preventative sense.


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