Professional Legal Advice on Commercial Law

We value as clients family businesses, small to medium size enterprises (SME’s), as well as many large companies, both based in Australia and some with head offices overseas.  We are also fortunate enough to be able to act for many business owners in relation to their personal legal affairs, providing an opportunity to give advice which takes into account all of their circumstances, both professional and personal.

Our charter is to protect our clients from business risk.  This means that whenever a major commercial contract is entered into, or major changes are contemplated which may have legal ramifications, we enjoy partnering with our clients to work through all of the relevant issues and to provide tailored advice specific to the circumstances, As commercial dispute lawyers in Sydney.

Standard issues which our Sydney Commercial Lawyers assist our clients with:

  • Confidentiality, distribution and supply agreements
  • partnerships and joint ventures
  • shareholders and unit holders agreements
  • building and major projects
  • buy/sell and exit agreements
  • due diligence and contract negotiations
  • structuring of entities, corporate governance and liabilities
  • lease of premises
  • financial assistance and GST advice
  • business succession planning
  • trademarks, designs and copyright
  • enforcement through letters of demand and injunctions
  • employment and HR advisory

Some particular industries and areas of practice in relation to which we have specific expertise include life sciences and health care (such as Medical Technology), information and communications technology (ICT) and franchising.

When we are asked to assist a client and provide commercial law advice on a matter, we are careful to understand all of the issues which may impact on the work.  What are the peculiarities of the industry in which the business operates?  What are time pressures and financial pressures relevant to the matter?  Who are the relevant stakeholders, and what are the issues which each of the stakeholders have which need to be addressed as part of any legal solution?

One important aspect to the provision of legal services to businesses is properly scoping the costs which may relate to the work. For even more information about how we charge for services, watch our video below;

Senior partner Sheena Vinden heads up our commercial law practice.  Working with her is a team of highly experienced legal practitioners and support staff who are ready to work with you to bring about the best possible outcome.  Please give Sheena a call on 9411 4466 or email

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