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Sometimes we get it wrong


On occasion, a person acting in a professional capacity on behalf of another may make an error of judgment which results in loss to the client.  This may include accountants, lawyers, financial advisors and doctors.

In one example, we recently settled a case where we were acting for a client against his former solicitor.  The case involved the purchase of a dental practice and a significant error the former solicitor made in the contract for sale.  This error resulted in a lengthy and expensive litigation matter brought against our client.  Ultimately, we were able to achieve an excellent result through negotiations with the former solicitor’s insurer, recovering the entirety of our client’s loss.In most professional settings, the practitioner owes a duty of care to their client.  This arises by virtue of the fact that the client seeks guidance from the professional in reliance upon the professional’s special skills and experience.  That same duty means that the professional should be careful to respect relationship boundaries.

Sometimes professionals will seek our help with other situations that have arisen in professional life, for example; allegations of sexual impropriety.  Because of the possible criminal repercussions, these situations need to be handled delicately.

If you would like to talk confidentially about a professional situation, please do not hesitate to contact Nathan Avery-Williams.


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