Articles and legal news from the Atkinson Vinden Team.

  • Domestic Violence Goes Digital

    Family Lawyer Kristyn Winner explains the ways in which perpetrators of domestic violence are using modern technology to harass their former partners, and what can be done about it. In my work as a family lawyer, helping my clients to make a clean break from an abusive relationship will often include helping them with strategies...

    Family Law

  • Digital Defamation

    For those who love to complain, the digital world offers endless opportunities to do so. From Google Reviews, Trip Advisor, Yelp or comments on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, it is a simple thing to say something very nasty about another person or business. Atkinson Vinden’s Defamation Team regularly assists individuals and companies to protect their...


  • 9 Essential Questions to Help You Find the Right Lawyer for a Commercial Dispute Case

    What would happen if you hired the wrong sort of lawyer for your case? What would that mean for your bottom line? How would this affect your ongoing relationship with the other party? These questions are often overlooked when it comes to seeking litigation services. Whilst you may be in a high state of emotional...


  • Does My Business Need a Privacy Policy?

    There are many things to consider when implementing your company’s privacy policy, but the first question people often ask is, do I need one? The short answer is “yes”. Every business, and every website that business operates, needs a privacy policy. Furthermore, not only are companies legally required to implement a privacy policy, but they...

    Commercial Law

  • Too Hot to Handle!! Work, Health & Safety

    Heat-related injuries can be quite common and may result in fatalities or permanent injuries particularly in work duties that require attention, coordination and immediate response skills. Working in heat is a hazard that can result in severe health problems for many workers – whether they work indoors or outdoors. If the body must work too...

    Employment Law

  • Defamation Update

    We are seeing a significant increase in the number of defamation enquiries, and we know from your comments that this is an area of law of great interest to our clients. The Council of Attorneys-General have just released a Discussion Paper on a review of defamation laws in Australia which contains some interesting reading. The...