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What NOT to do in Family Law children’s and property cases – from the front line

Family Law

Children’s cases

  • Do not fall for the bait and start arguing with your ex. If she/he doesn’t, call the police, the neighbours will.
  • Being slapped with a Domestic Violence Order in the Local Court does not make for a happy post separation life.
  • If you are a male, 85% of perpetrators are male so what are your chances that the court will believe the wife ran into a door as being the reason she has a black eye?
  • Do not neglect the children, make them your priority, if you don’t, the court will to your detriment. If you don’t know where to start, ask us or ring the Family Relationship Centre for advice.
  • Do not use the children as an emotional crutch, they are your children not your therapist, don’t involve them in adult issues.
  • Do not ignore substance abuse, alcohol abuse, psychological/psychiatric disorders or domestic violence, there is treatment, if not for you personally, then there are support groups that will help you deal with this behaviour in your insignificant other.
  • No one is perfect, so dealing with these issues makes for happy children and gets you a gold star with the Judge. Children have the right to feel safe with their parents.


  • Do not storm out of the house in a fit of anger without taking financial documents, personal mementos, treasured pets, (yes, we occasionally get asked to run a case for spending time with the treasured pooch), heirlooms, 21st birthday presents (opened and still in the box)  and other irreplaceable items.
  • Do not forget to cancel secondary credit cards, unnecessary subscriptions in your name or other non-vital services. Before cancelling think about how it will affect the children. It is not wise to cancel the family health fund when little Johnny is due for braces.
  • Do not cancel vital services such as gas and electricity without ample notice if you are moving out. Remember, children first, and their well-being is your paramount consideration. Cold showers and non-working fridges are not fun for little people. It is also a form of child abuse/neglect.
  • Do not forget to identify sources of available funds and obtain individual advice as to your options.
  • Do not leave home without a strategy and a financial road map of your rights, obligations and options regarding your property.

If you require any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our family law team.


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