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Launching AV’s Business Advisory Team

Commercial Law

Over the years Atkinson Vinden has worked with hundreds of businesses, assisting with an array of recurring issues, and forging solutions that have been of lasting value. To make this knowledge and experience available to as many business clients as possible, we have launched a new practice area, which we are calling the Business Advisory Team. Senior Associate and head of our Business Advisory Team, Janelle Boutros, explains how her team can help you.

It is great to meet clients with a vision for where they want to take their business. I have seen many good ideas translate into successful commercial ventures. I have also come across many businesses at the crossroads, perhaps dealing with internal ownership difficulties, changes in the marketplace, or seeking a new direction. All of these situations provide opportunities, and I enjoy my role as a legal advisor most when I can come alongside clients to provide the legal underpinnings that provide them with confidence to move forward.

Our Business Advisory Team is committed to providing practical legal support and advice to businesses at those key moments in their journey, whether at the time of their inception, during periods of change and development, and renewal, or at a time when new ownership options are seriously on the table.

One of the features which makes our service unique is that we offer an interdisciplinary approach. Our team consists of lawyers with backgrounds in commercial, property, litigation and employment, so that we can provide rounded advice that takes into account all of the relevant considerations and potential outcomes.

These are just some of the services our Business Advisory Team offers our clients:

*Structuring – It is important to determine what vehicle you will utilise to run your business considering your position now and where you want your business to be in the future.  Sole trader, partnership, joint venture, a company or a trust?  What is right for you and your business?

*Staff – Having good employees is crucial in developing a fruitful business.  It is just as important to ensure that these employees are retained correctly with appropriate job descriptions and employment agreements so everyone knows what their roles, duties and responsibilities are. Further, when conflict arises, our team can guide you through the process, which may involve the disciplining or even termination of an employee.

*Business Contracts – a hand shake is not good enough – make sure your contracts are in writing and protect you accordingly should you wish to sell the business or the contractual relationship goes sour.

*Cash Flow Protection is crucial to the health of all businesses.  Fundamental to financial health is having the appropriate terms and conditions which apply to the sale of items or services.  Your terms and conditions will give you the appropriate method to facilitate any debt recovery, privacy issues, warranties to any goods and services and return and refund policies.

*Protecting your intellectual property is extremely important.  This includes your business name, logo, ideas and your systems that you have in place which usually is the goodwill of your company.  Without having the appropriate protections, agreements and ownership of intellectual property any other business or person could be representing itself as your business and you may have no action against it without the proper documentation in place.

*Funding – Will you utilise director’s loans, borrow money from the bank or from a third party, and what assets will you use to secure your finance? Are the directors signing personal guarantees – make sure you know what you’re signing and what your risks are.

Whilst our team may assist with your general business needs and interests, we also have specialists who practice in the niche areas of dispute resolution, personal properties securities, real estate agency law and franchising. Please contact me if you would like to explore how our Business Advisory Team can help you.


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