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The Importance of Expert Reports in Home Building Disputes


If you intend on bringing a claim against your builder for dodgy or incomplete works, then it is absolutely essential that you obtain a building report from an expert prior to doing so.

An expert building report will:

  1. identify the defective and incomplete works;
  2. propose a method for rectification and completion of those works; and
  3. provide an estimate of the costs to rectify the defects and complete the works.

Obtaining such a report prior to bringing your claim is essential as it allows you to evaluate the strength of your claim and determine whether it is financially viable for you to proceed with.

In our practice, we have seen home owners obtain expert building reports only after bringing their claim only to discover that their claim is not as strong as first thought. By that stage, significant costs and time have usually already been expended on a claim – a claim that may not be financially viable.

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