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How Does AV Lawyers Charge Costs?


It’s a question that we get asked all the time and the reason of course is that most people don’t use lawyers regularly. They don’t know how much they charge. They just hear stories about how expensive they are. So what I want to do just briefly is to give you a good sense of what you are likely to be charged if you use our firm to work for you.

There are different sorts of matters and obviously when we speak with you about your matter we’ll need to work out exactly what’s involved. But normally we can give you a very specific price for the work that we’re going to do. And we can agree with you on the timing in which payments will be made.

If this is a transactional matter, so for example if we are buying or selling a house, we’re drafting a will for you, negotiating some kind of income then normally we can agree to be paid at the end of the matter. If it’s a really complex matter such as court case then what we would normally do is to talk to you about the likely cost and the timeframe over which you’re going to need to find the funds to pay for the work.

Some people have some savings and they can meet those expenses as they fall due, but most people need a bit of financial help. One of the great things about our firm is that we have a strong relationship with a litigation funder call QuickFee and what they can do for you is they can lend you the money to pay your legal fees up front and then you can pay them back on monthly instalment plans.

So it takes the drama out of it, it takes the uncertainty. You have all of the funds available for the matter and then you can pay it back in installments that you’ve agreed to with QuickFee and we find it very helpful. One last thing I wanted to say is that there are some cases that we choose to take on as a firm because we really believe in them.

And sometimes we take the risk that we’re not going to get paid. So there are some cases that we consider really meritorious and we’ll say to you, we’d like to do this matter for you on the basis that if we win this case for you then we’ll charge you. But if you don’t win we won’t charge you. And the best way to find out if your case fits into that category is to make an appointment to see us and we can look at it with you and give you that feedback.


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