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How Do I Get The Best Value From My Lawyer?



When you’re looking for a lawyer, I think one of the key things to be thinking about is value for what you’re paying for. Some people when they’re in our firm, they want to know what our hourly rates are, and look, that’s a really important question to ask, but remember that it’s not just the hourly rate, its how many hours of work the lawyer is going to take to do your work for you. Now, I want you to imagine using two different lawyers, one who charges $300 an hour, and another who charges $500 an hour. You might wince at the idea of paying $500 an hour, but imagine the $300 an hour lawyer taking five or six hours to do the job for you, where as, that more expensive lawyer, or you might think he’s more expensive, because he does that work all the time, he can do that work in half the time, and you’ll end up paying less for a better job, and that’s why I’d encourage you, don’t just ask questions about hourly rates, ask about experience. How many times has your lawyer done that kind of matter before? What have the results been like?


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