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Domestic Violence in the News

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Family Law
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Yesterday in Chatswood, we started our day with the devastating news that within a short distance from our office a young woman’s body was found.  A male, who is believed to be her boyfriend, was subsequently involved in a standoff with police while perched on an awning of the 27th level of a high rise building.

After a 12 hour stand-off the man was arrested and questioned, with the media reporting the woman’s death was “likely domestic violence-related.”

Domestic Violence can be perpetrated in various forms of abuse such as sexual, physical, verbal, social, economic, spiritual and physical.

Physical abuse can range from punching, hitting, slapping and so on to the extreme where someone’s life is cut short.

If you know someone who is suffering from domestic violence call the police or seek help from a solicitor. To assist you further, please click here to see a list of helpful telephone numbers.