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  • Social Media and Separation #Lessonsinlove

    Not only is Facebook a popular forum on which to share both happy news and exciting events in life, but it is also popular for venting in periods of distress. At what can be the most emotional time in a person’s life it is easy to forget that when posting online, the information you share...

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  • Child Custody: How Does It Work?

    Any divorce or a separation is a stressful and difficult time for all involved parties, but separations involving children can often prove even more difficult to navigate. Negotiating or fighting for child custody can be a complicated and tension-filled process so it’s important to understand the basic process before getting started. Child Custody in Australia...

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  • Short marriage, No children: Dividing the assets!

    In the recent case of Anson & Meek [2017] FamCAFC 257, the Full Court allowed an appeal (successfully) by the husband from the trial Judge’s decision that the wife receive 40% of the overall asset pool. This is a case where the parties were married for five years (short marriage) and had no children. The...

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  • Who Gets the Horses?

    If you’re into celebrity news, you may have read that Russell Crowe held a garage sale recently. But of course, when you’re Russell Crowe, that garage sale was held at Sotheby’s Australia and is an international auction of millions of dollars’ worth of matrimonial assets. He named the exhibition “The Art of Divorce”, and it...

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  • Identifying Unacceptable Risk in Family Law

    Unacceptable risk in parenting matters Recent publicity has highlighted once again the real danger that mental health, violence and domestic violence poses to our society and in particular families. Protecting children from harm is the primary consideration in family law parenting matters. What is unacceptable risk in family law? Unacceptable risk refers to risk of...

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  • What is the difference between mediation and arbitration?

    Alternate Dispute Resolution Mediation and Arbitration are both forms of Alternate Dispute Resolution. Today, as a result of ever increasing delays and the cost of Court proceedings, more and more couples are choosing the alternate dispute resolution processes to resolve their disputes. What is mediation? Mediation is a structured negotiation process which is facilitated by...

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