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  • How to obtain a copy of a Will

    The first step in determining your legal position in relation to an Estate Dispute is often looking at the terms of the Will in question. We regularly have enquiries from clients who are having trouble obtaining a copy of the Will from the executor of the Estate. This is particularly the case when they are...


  • Who can make a claim on my Will?

    When family provision claims against deceased estates are reported in the media, it sometimes appears as though anyone can make a claim on a deceased estate, no matter how remote the relationship between the parties. This is not the case. Only certain categories of “eligible persons” as defined in Section 57 of the Succession Act...


  • Probate Caveats

    Most people are familiar with the idea of placing a caveat on a property. In that situation, a property cannot be sold until the caveat is removed. It is a process which protects a third party who has some financial interest in the property. There is a similar legal concept that is sometimes applicable in...


  • Provision for widows: Not just the “bread and butter of life” but “a little of the cheese or jam”

    As relationships are becoming more complex, so too is estate planning. What is the appropriate balance between a second spouse and the children of your first marriage? Who should take precedence in this instance? Are you entitled to leave the bulk of your estate to your children to preserve the assets you have worked your...



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