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  • COVID LOCKDOWN Q&A’s for Business Owners

    We provide answers to questions recently received from business owners regarding staff issues arising from the COVID Lockdown. Q: When can I insist that an employee come to the workplace? There are five key considerations that would prevent you from insisting your employees attend the workplace. First, if they can reasonably do their work remotely,...

    Employment Law

  • Defamation Close to Home

    Amongst the dozens of defamation enquiries the lawyers at Atkinson Vinden receive each month, a surprising number relate to issues amongst close friends and even family. Arguments at BBQ’s, embarrassing comments posted on Facebook, gossip amongst social groups, have all led to calls to our team, wanting to know whether a friend or relative can...


  • Crossing the Line in Defamation

    A fundamental principle of free speech in our country is that people, including journalists, are at liberty to express their genuinely held opinion about others. When does the expression of this freedom become defamatory? According to the Federal Court in the January 2021 decision of Stead v Fairfax Media Publications, defamation may occur when the...


  • Defamation Laws Face Major Overhaul

    Along with bringing the wonderful potential for increased connection, in the wrong hands social media carries major risks. Those of us who practice in the field of defamation see some absolutely appalling cases of character assassination online, with entirely unwarranted derogatory comments circulated to literally thousands of people within hours in some cases. The NSW Defamation Act was legislated...


  • Shake Up to Employment Laws: Annualised Salary Arrangements

    *The changes take effect on the first pay cycle after 1 March 2020. For many employers this will be on or about 12 March 2020. *The regime may be expanded over time, but at this stage, employers just need to review their arrangements regarding full-time staff who fall under one of the 22 Awards effected...

    Employment Law

  • HR Issues Arising from COVID-19 – What to Do?

    With many businesses experiencing a sudden downturn as a result of the COVID-19 virus, an immediate concern is how to manage staffing levels without falling foul of Australia’s employment laws. The reality is that in many industries, for a number of months ahead, companies will need to reduce staffing levels to manage their wages burden....

    Employment Law


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