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  • Parenting Arrangements over Christmas Holidays

    As the Christmas school holiday period is fast approaching, separated parents often become concerned about their parenting arrangements over the holiday season. If you do not have Parenting Orders from the Court specifically providing for Christmas/holiday time with the children, conflict may occur during the holiday season due to disagreements over the time the children are...

    Family Law

  • Disclosure Obligations in Family Law Property Settlements

    If you are a party to a family law separation you need to make sure you are aware of your obligations under the Family Law Act in respect to full and frank financial disclosure. The rules of full and frank financial disclosure require that both parties disclose all sources of earnings, interest, income, property (vested...

    Family Law

  • Domestic Violence Goes Digital

    Family Lawyer Kristyn Winner explains the ways in which perpetrators of domestic violence are using modern technology to harass their former partners, and what can be done about it. In my work as a family lawyer, helping my clients to make a clean break from an abusive relationship will often include helping them with strategies...

    Family Law

  • Social Media and Separation #Lessonsinlove

    Not only is Facebook a popular forum on which to share both happy news and exciting events in life, but it is also popular for venting in periods of distress. At what can be the most emotional time in a person’s life it is easy to forget that when posting online, the information you share...

    Family Law

  • Who Gets the Horses?

    If you’re into celebrity news, you may have read that Russell Crowe held a garage sale recently. But of course, when you’re Russell Crowe, that garage sale was held at Sotheby’s Australia and is an international auction of millions of dollars’ worth of matrimonial assets. He named the exhibition “The Art of Divorce”, and it...

    Family Law


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