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  • Why handshake agreements cause headaches for business owners

    “I always stand by my word.” “I’ve been doing business with Bob for 15 years.  We’ve never had a problem that we couldn’t sort out over the phone.” “It’s simple. “There’s no room for confusion.” “We didn’t have time.” “We don’t worry about that in our industry.” We commonly hear these sorts of explanations as...


  • Have A Will Dispute? How to Choose the Best Lawyer for Your Case

    Contesting a will can be a traumatic, upsetting and stressful process for all involved parties. Making sure you have the right information and the proper support is essential to achieving your desired outcome. Why do people contest a will? A will contest can occur for a number of reasons. On occasion, it can be arguments...


  • How Do I Dispute a Will in NSW?

    The death of a loved one or family member is a difficult and trying time. In certain instances, these times can be even more difficult if you feel like you have not been fairly accounted for in your loved one’s will. Contesting a will is a complicated process, best left to the professionals, but we’ve...


  • Challenging A Will (Family Provision Claims)

    In this brief summary of Will dispute laws, Senior Associate Caitilin Watson explains some of the circumstances in which people choose to challenge the Will of a deceased loved one. Author Ron Chernow once famously said, “I have developed a very strong partiality for the dead: they don’t talk back, they don’t sue, and they...

    Wills & Probate

  • Unhappy Beneficiaries

    Each year we assist hundreds of people with their estate planning needs, including drafting wills and powers of attorney. We also administer dozens of deceased estates, helping executors with what can be a burdensome task. What some may not be aware of is that AV has a growing practice assisting families in dispute over wills,...

    Disputes, Wills & Probate

  • Buying a fake at auction, who is responsible?

    We’ve all been tempted to buy at auctions – whether it be jewellery or artworks, furniture or wine. What do we need to be on our toes about? And to what extent are auction houses liable if we are sold a dud? The December 2014 decision of McBride v Christie’s Australia Pty Limited [2014] NSWSC...



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