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  • Strata unit renovations – do you need consent or a special bylaw?

    If you are planning to renovate a unit in a strata scheme (including, for example, a townhouse) it’s important to know whether you need to get the consent of the owners corporation or even a special bylaw authorising the work. Cosmetic work The Strata Schemes Management Act, 2015 permits a unit owner to carry out...

    Property Law

  • Maintenance in Family Law – will this apply to me?

    The answer to this depends on the circumstances as to whether maintenance could be paid to you or paid by you. The question of whether maintenance should be paid or received is generally considered once the terms of the property settlement are known. It can be payable when the party seeking it is unable to...

    Family Law

  • Defamation On Social Media in Australia

    Defamation laws were initially designed for a world of physical publication. Due to the emergence of social media, the world spends so much more time online, meaning the implementation of defamation laws have shifted to follow suit. Defamation on social media does not always resemble defamation in traditional print media, as the internet allows people...


  • Slander, Libel & Defamation Lawyers in Sydney

    Slander and libel in Australia are both covered by defamation law. Defamation legislation comprises a complex area of law that is often modified by amendments to keep pace with technological and cultural changes. The days of corporate slander and cyber libel have changed over the past several decades, and Australia now provides a uniform approach...


  • Reputation Management Lawyers in Sydney

    Unfair reputational attacks have become a by-product of today’s online information environment in which individuals have constant access to the internet. Our objective as reputation management lawyers is to protect individuals and businesses against threats to their reputation, while also taking proactive steps to mitigate the risks of future reputational damage. With experience across the...


  • Business Defamation Lawyers in Sydney

    False information that is published with the intent of harming a business can have devastating consequences on revenue, employment and retention capacities, and the personal wellbeing of staff. If reputational harm is already affecting your business, then it is crucial that you seek timely legal advice.Business defamation law exists to protect businesses against untrue, publicised...



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