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  • Cartel Conduct and Its Changing Landscape

    The Failure to Prosecute Criminal Conduct under the new Cartel Provisions In media release number 10/22 by the Australian Consumer and Competition Commission (‘the ACCC’), on 11 February 2022 it was confirmed that “the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions (‘CDPP’) withdrew charges against Citigroup Global Markets Australia Pty Limited (‘Citigroup’), Deutsche Bank AG and four...


  • Are you a contractor? Can you re-use the results of your work?

    Do you work by yourself or in a small team, producing written, graphical or audio/visual content for your clients?  If so: Who owns the results of your work? Can you re-use the results of your work without your client’s permission? Unless you have discussed those issues and come to agreement with your clients, there is...

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