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  • Contractor or Employee? FWC says Deliveroo Driver is an Employee

    The Fair Work Commission (FWC) has recently found that a Deliveroo driver was an employee and not an independent contractor – delivering further uncertainty for businesses in the gig economy concerning the engagement of personnel. In Diego Franco v Deliveroo Australia Pty Ltd [2021] FWC 2818, Commissioner Cambridge decided that Mr Franco was an employee,...

    Employment Law

  • When can an employee be dismissed ‘without cause’?

    Many employment contracts, employment term summaries and employee policy manuals state that the employer can terminate an employee’s employment ‘without cause’ by giving a specified period of notice.  The minimum amount of notice required varies according to the length of the employee’s service with the employer, as stated in the National Employment Standards. The term...

    Employment Law

  • Australia’s Family Law System – Second Interim Report released

    In September 2019, the Federal Government announced the formation of a Joint Parliamentary Committee to conduct a wide-ranging inquiry into the Family Law system.  The review intended to look at how the Family Law system could be improved and provided for Parliament to hear directly from families about how the current system had impacted their...

    Family Law

  • Defamation Close to Home

    Amongst the dozens of defamation enquiries the lawyers at Atkinson Vinden receive each month, a surprising number relate to issues amongst close friends and even family. Arguments at BBQ’s, embarrassing comments posted on Facebook, gossip amongst social groups, have all led to calls to our team, wanting to know whether a friend or relative can...



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