Articles and legal news from the Atkinson Vinden Team.

  • Is your business fit to be sold?

    You may not be ready to sell your business, but what if you received an offer too good to refuse?  Or, if you are an owner operator who is crucial to running of the business, what if you are permanently disabled or die?  Is your business set up in such a way that (or what...

    Commercial Law

  • Casual to Permanent Employment Conversion – What you Need to Know

    Some major changes are taking place regarding the status of casual employees which businesses need to be on top of. Casuals get a higher hourly rate for their work, but in exchange for this, they do not have any personal (sick) leave, notice or redundancy entitlements. Their casual status renders their position vulnerable to termination,...

    Employment Law

  • New Laws for off-the-plan Contracts

    In an attempt to provide purchasers with greater protection when buying property off-the-plan, the New South Wales Government has passed new laws regulating off-the-plan Contracts effective 1 December 2019. The new laws place additional disclosure obligations on a vendor selling property off-the-plan and provide purchasers with certain rights and remedies for failure to comply with...

    Property Law


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