Articles and legal news from the Atkinson Vinden Team.

  • Does My Business Need a Privacy Policy?

    There are many things to consider when implementing your company’s privacy policy, but the first question people often ask is, do I need one? The short answer is “yes”. Every business, and every website that business operates, needs a privacy policy. Furthermore, not only are companies legally required to implement a privacy policy, but they...

    Commercial Law

  • Too Hot to Handle!! Work, Health & Safety

    Heat-related injuries can be quite common and may result in fatalities or permanent injuries particularly in work duties that require attention, coordination and immediate response skills. Working in heat is a hazard that can result in severe health problems for many workers – whether they work indoors or outdoors. If the body must work too...

    Employment Law

  • Defamation Update

    We are seeing a significant increase in the number of defamation enquiries, and we know from your comments that this is an area of law of great interest to our clients. The Council of Attorneys-General have just released a Discussion Paper on a review of defamation laws in Australia which contains some interesting reading. The...


  • Incorrect or Bad Financial Advice: What Are Your Rights

    When about to make a big financial decision, people understandably seek the help of financial advisers. They have the specialised knowledge of all the relevant and current financial considerations, they have experience dealing with markets and are probably better placed than your stock-obsessed Uncle Sam to go to for financial advice. Or at least, that...


  • Basic Steps for Debt Recovery for Business

    Along the path to success, most businesses will encounter difficulties in having debts paid to them on time and in full. Most companies may not wish to pursue the recovery of debt through fear of creating hostility between vendors and suppliers. Whilst good working relationships are imperative to the smooth running of a business, it’s...

    Commercial Law

  • Dodgy Business Partner or Dodgy Dealings? How To Mitigate Risk When in Business

    Though it is very often an ultimately rewarding experience, starting up a business can be a stressful time. Having people you can rely on within the business is the goal but things don’t always go to plan. Sometimes a dodgy business partner, or a good business partner who brings in a dodgy deal, is simply...

    Commercial Law


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