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  • The Last Christmas Before the Divorce

    Nothing exposes the flaws of a family’s foundation quite like the holiday season. Combine extended periods of time spent in close proximity with a few tussles over who’s in charge in the kitchen, mix in arguments over who didn’t pay enough for the joint gift, and season with some inappropriate fire-starting comments made by that...

    Family Law

  • Can a Facebook ‘like’ mean there is a case against you?

    The recent case of Bolton v Stoltenberg [2018] NSWSC 1518 is an intriguing decision for its ramifications on what constitutes ‘publication’ for the purposes of defamation law. Background Mr Bolton is the former mayor of Narrabri Shire Council. He had a longstanding professional relationship with Mr Stoltenberg, however both men had a falling out following...


  • Tree lopper’s duties ‘trimmed’, amounting to dismissal

    The recent decision of Whitfield v Master Tree Ninja (Whitfield) is a prime example of how an employee’s demotion can amount to a dismissal. Background: Master Tree Ninja (Respondent) is a small business in Adelaide providing tree lopping and clearing services. Mr Whitfield (Applicant) was employed from December 2016 on a casual basis, and from...

    Employment Law

  • 5 Myths of Family Law

    When it comes to the law, there is so much information out there. But how do you know what’s right and what isn’t? Whether you are looking for a divorce, contesting a will or in the midst of a custody battle, having the correct and most up to date information is key to getting the...

    Family Law


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