Articles and legal news from the Atkinson Vinden Team.

  • Two Become Four – New Partners Announced at AV Lawyers!

    We are pleased to announce the appointments of Caitilin Watson and Janelle Boutros to the position of Partner of the firm. These promotions follow a trend at our firm in recent time in bolstering our ranks of senior lawyers, with a total now of four Partners, six Special Counsel and a Management Team of ten....


  • Indexation to Employee Entitlements

    The High Income Threshold (HIT) and minimum wage increased from 1 July 2018. The HIT will be $145,400 (previously $142,000) and the minimum wage will be $18.93 per hour. These changes may have the effect of bringing some employees under the coverage of an award, and will also make available the jurisdiction of the unfair...

    Employment Law

  • What to do when someone defames you in the Workplace

    Consider the scenario: It’s been a long and tiring day at work and it’s been made all the more difficult by the unhelpful attitude and actions of your colleagues. You suspect they may be aggrieved by your recent promotion to a managerial role. You arrive home, take out your phone and begin scrolling through Facebook....


  • Child Custody: How Does It Work?

    Any divorce or a separation is a stressful and difficult time for all involved parties, but separations involving children can often prove even more difficult to navigate. Negotiating or fighting for child custody can be a complicated and tension-filled process so it’s important to understand the basic process before getting started. Child Custody in Australia...

    Family Law


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