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  • Let’s have a conversation about the emotional stages of separation

    As a family law solicitor of over 20 years, there are few scenarios of separated parties that are new or even shocking to me. The scenarios range from mutual agreement to separate to being caught out in delicate scenarios, and everything in between. The social media craze has added to the adventurous ways that partners...

    Family Law

  • Shareholder Oppression

    Whilst there are no defined limits on what constitutes shareholder oppression, it generally occurs where a minority shareholder is subjected to unfairness or prejudice by the abuse of majority power or control over the company.  In that respect, it is not uncommon in the operation of companies for majority shareholders to seek to use their...


  • Family Violence

    Many families experience family violence where there is coercion or control of a family member causing fear. Family Violence is also referred to as domestic violence. We can all identify family violence when one family member assaults another. However family violence is wider than this.  It can include repeated derogatory taunts, intentionally damaging furniture or...

    Family Law

  • Mixing Business and Friends

    When it comes to mixing business with friends, there are many differing views.  Some consider that the two must always be kept separate, in order to ensure any practical and difficult decisions do not impact the friendship. Other people fall into business relationships with old friends or form trusting relationships with colleagues, leading to mutual...

    Commercial Law, Disputes


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