Articles and legal news from the Atkinson Vinden Team.

  • Employee absence for community service

    Employees are entitled to be absent if they partake in an ‘eligible community service activity’. The two current types of eligible community service activities are jury service and voluntary emergency management activities. Jury service involves participating as a part of a jury in a court proceeding. Attending for the jury selection process is also included...

    Employment Law

  • The Cold Hard World of Options

    Anyone involved in leasing of commercial and retail premises knows only too well that it is quite often a difficult space to negotiate full of fairly arcane legal concepts. Mr Justice Windeyer certainly agreed and described it as “a cold hard world” in a 1997 case on options. One area of constant difficulty has been...

    Commercial Law

  • Family Provision Claims: Duties of an Executor

    What do you do if you are the executor of an estate, and a family member decides to bring a claim? An Executor has a duty to defend family provision claims brought against the estate. Their duties will depend on the nature of the legal proceedings but may include: 1. Contesting the claim on the...


  • 5 Tips to Remember When Buying a Property

      With interest rates at historic lows, a lot of our clients are looking at opportunities in the property market. Atkinson Vinden have helped hundreds of clients over the years to purchase and sell properties. Here are some helpful tips to assist you in the process of purchasing a property. Ensure you have done your...

    Commercial Law

  • Claims Against your Estate from your Former Spouse

    Can I contest my ex husband’s /ex wife’s will? If you live in NSW, then the short answer is yes. In fact, any person who was a member of your former spouse’s household and who was either wholly or partly dependent on him/her during that time (as well as a number of other listed persons),...



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