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  • This Aint Tele – The AV Vision

    Modern television has a fascination with lawyers. And with their shenanigans. From the likes of Rake and The Good Wife through to Boston Legal and Suits, we might get the impression that the practice of law is necessarily accompanied by profound dysfunction and the bitter rivalries of lawyers acting on instruction from neurotic clients. What’s...


  • Corruption and Fraud on the Rise

    Atkinson Vinden has assisted a number of clients in recent years with fraud-related disputes. In a couple of instances, the losses have been several million dollars. The obsession of journalists with reporting fraud and corruption was on show recently, with media scrums an all too present fixture around Phillip Street covering the trials and tribulations...

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  • The Sly and the Slippery

    Stories from our Litigation Team Let’s face it, the practice of the law can be a bit dull. However, sometimes things can get a little interesting, as litigation lawyer and Managing Partner explains. I have spent many days in court, some of which have been stultifyingly boring. I recall one particularly dull insurance matter, involving a...


  • Some Hope for Will makers. Contesting the Will is not always successful

    Some family members who have not received adequate provision from a deceased estate can contest a will by making what is called a “Family Provision claim”. Many consider this to be a positive legal avenue for people who have unjustifiably been left with inadequate provisions from an Estate, or for those with significant needs.  However,...

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