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  • HR War Stories

    1.  That employee who just doesn’t quite fit! Sometimes employers find themselves in limbo when there is an employee who is performing poorly, but not poorly enough to sack.  Maybe they are a poor cultural fit.  Maybe they are undermining workplace morale.  Few employers haven’t experienced this sort of employee at some point in time....

    Employment Law

  • Maximising the sale price of your property

    We have all heard stories of developers approaching homeowners to sell up, often with a financial carrot. The tide is now turning, with canny homeowners banding together to approach developers, and in some instances achieving incredible financial returns. In this article Senior Associate Anne Goodrick (Accredited Property Law Specialist) explains what is involved based on her growing...

    Property Law

  • Protecting your Personal Assets

    What do we mean by assets?  The obvious, property, cars, shares, money in the bank and the not so obvious, trademarks, patents, a business that you have built up, or rights you have acquired such as licences and distribution rights. What’s the risk of being the owner of the asset? You can lose it- to...


  • Probate: Following the Will of your Loved One

    As well as dealing with the dreadful loss and sorrow of losing a loved one when they pass away, there is also the burden of having to deal with that person’s property. In this step-by-step practical guide, estates lawyer Miranda Thompson explains what is involved. What is a Grant of Probate? A Grant of Probate...

    Wills & Probate

  • Legal Implications of Technological Change in Your Business

    The advent of technology has significantly enhanced our ability to communicate, both quickly, conveniently and at great distances. Unfortunately, that convenience has also led to a degree of complacency, which can have some unfortunate legal results. Amongst other things, during my presentation at Insights 2016, I discussed the following 3 situations, where a lack of...

    General, News & Updates

  • 7 Business Law Changes you need to Know

    1.     Franchising Under the Franchising Code of Conduct, parties who enter, or propose to enter, into a franchise agreement must act in good faith towards one another.  This duty extends to:  pre-contractual negotiations, performance of the contract, dispute resolution and the end (including termination) of an agreement. When considering whether your conduct is in good faith,...

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