Articles and legal news from the Atkinson Vinden Team.

  • Workplace Misconduct and Compulsory Police Reporting

    Some workplaces suffer internal fraud or other serious misconduct. An employer is entitled to terminate an employee wherever serious and willful misconduct occurs, assuming reliable evidence exists, or an admission is made. But does the company also have an obligation to report the matter to the Police? The answer in extreme circumstances is, “Yes”. Section...

    Employment Law

  • Federal Court takes firm approach to AMI contempt

    Many of you would recognise the company AMI; the company that preyed on the insecurities and vulnerabilities of men nationwide, peddling remedies through mass marketing that supposably cured  “man’s greatest fear”, premature ejaculation. About 6 months ago the Federal Court of Australia, criticised the company for exploiting the vulnerabilities and insecurities of men, and found...

    Commercial Law, General

  • Identifying Unacceptable Risk in Family Law

    Recent publicity has highlighted once again the real danger that mental health, violence and domestic violence poses to our society and in particular families. Separation is a heightened risk time for family violence.  For some it is the only time of physical risk which is triggered by the separation. For others who have experienced ongoing...

    Family Law


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