Articles and legal news from the Atkinson Vinden Team.

  • Are Heads of Agreement/Leasing proposals binding?

    It may seem so fundamental and obvious but the question “Are we legally bound?” can be one of the most vexing in a leasing negotiation. Whilst the common assumption is that neither tenant or landlord are legally bound until a lease is signed, recent case law and general commercial practice has reminded us that a...

    Commercial Law

  • Employment Relationships Gone Sour

    Ever experienced an employee belittling or denigrating you? Ever questioned whether they can be sacked for it? Unfortunately there is no hard and fast rule on when sacking an employee for swearing at you is warranted, however recent case law suggests at least in some circumstances, this is a reasonable response. The recent Fair Work...

    Employment Law

  • What is Without Prejudice and When Can I Use It?

    If you have ever been involved in a dispute, you may have seen “without prejudice” written on letters and emails.  What does it mean and why do we use it? “Without prejudice” correspondence allows people in a dispute to make concessions and compromises during settlement negotiations, in order to attempt to resolve the dispute.  Importantly,...



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