Articles and legal news from the Atkinson Vinden Team.

  • Staggering Workplace Harassment Decision

    In a recent decision of the Fair Work Commission (FWC) that has surprised many, an employee who repeatedly made undesired romantic and sexual propositions to various co-workers, and kissed someone in an unsolicited and unprovoked manner on the evening of a work Christmas party, has won his case for unfair dismissal. Leighton Boral Amey NSW...

    Employment Law

  • Five Tips to Remember when Purchasing a Property

    With interest rates at historic lows, a lot of our clients are looking at opportunities in the property market.  Here are some handy hints we recommend you keep in mind when purchasing:- 1. Ensure you have done your homework which includes checking with Council regarding any proposed developments or building works nearby. Sometimes there is a...

    Property Law

  • Getting access rights over someone elses land

    Clients often ask us for help in dealing with difficult neighbours. The issue can be a dangerous tree, it might be drainage issues, or perhaps a disagreement over a proposed development. One fertile area for potential dispute is where one person wishes to have rights to use the neighbour’s property, such as for access to...

    Property Law