Articles and legal news from the Atkinson Vinden Team.

  • Can you genuinely restrain employees after termination?

    Yes, sometimes when it is appropriate and the contract is well drafted. Restraints are commonly included in employment contracts.  When are they useful?  Who should they apply to?  Restraints are not appropriate for employees who are unlikely to threaten the business’ legitimate interests.  For example an administrative employee without access to business know how or...

    Employment Law

  • Domestic Violence what does it look like?

    Despite the increase in public campaigns to raise awareness of domestic and family violence, statistics show that a large majority of society remain unaware of its prevalence. In family law, domestic and family violence remains a constant theme in both parenting and property disputes. In 2011, as a direct response to the rise in domestic...

    Family Law

  • ACCC cracks down on another franchisee for dodgy dealings

    The ACCC has continued its efforts to stop “dodgy” franchisees from misrepresenting their business to prospective franchisees. Recently, a franchisor based in Melbourne trading as Coverall Cleaning Concepts which franchised commercial cleaning businesses was caught by the ACCC for unfair dealings and misrepresenting facts to prospective franchisees. The ACCC and Coverall Cleaning Concepts ultimately settled...

    Commercial Law


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