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  • 5 tips to reducing conflict in the workplace

    What is the mood like in your workplace? Are staff motivated and thriving, or are there signs of tension? At AV our employment law team gets the inside view on dozens of workplaces, and over time patterns emerge. From our experience, here are 5 key suggestions which could dramatically improve the vibe in your workplace:...


  • Flexibility verges on contortion

    Employers take note: any employee with a child of school age or younger, or who is over 55 (among other categories) is entitled to request flexible working arrangements, and you may be obliged to agree (Section 65 of the Fair Work Act). Flexible working arrangements include changes in hours of work, changes in patterns of...

    Employment Law

  • When can you insist that an employee attend a medical examination?

    It is good practice to include a clause in your employment contracts entitling you to reasonably require your employee to undergo a medical examination. What if you don’t have such a clause in your contracts? In short, an employer’s work health and safety obligations will often justify requiring an employee to undergo a medical assessment...

    Employment Law

  • When importing or on-selling is deemed manufacturing

    As many of you may be aware, under the Australian Consumer Law, there is broad scope for a person who is injured by goods to bring an action against the manufacturer of those goods. Many wholesalers may feel that they are immune from risk under these manufacturer liability provisions. Unfortunately for them, this is not...

    Property Law


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