Articles and legal news from the Atkinson Vinden Team.

  • Giving Rogue Directors the Flick

    Occasionally business partners do not shape up to be the dynamic market leader they appear to be.  Whilst you are diligently growing your business, your business partner may be failing to achieve, absent or at worst fraudulent. If the relationship has broken down, you need to know where you stand, what are your rights and...

    Commercial Law, General

  • Mine is Better than Yours

    f your product is 25% more efficient than your competitors, why not tell consumers?  Comparative Advertising, that is, drawing direct comparisons between yourself and your competitors in a marketing campaign, can be a fantastic way to demonstrate the superiority of your product or services over your competitors. As effective as this can be, you need...

    Commercial Law

  • Care Arrangements for Children on Separation

    Most parents understand that the Family Law Act is concerned about protecting children’s best interests, keeping them safe from harm and where possible promoting the child’s ongoing relationship with both parents. Most parents however do not know what arrangements they should put in place for the care of their children and commonly ask their solicitor,...

    Family Law


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