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  • Abolition of Stamp Duty

    To all those who were waiting on 1 July 2013 for the abolition of stamp duty on marketable securities (shares and units), non-land business assets and mortgages. Once again this has been temporarily delayed by the state government, though we have yet to be informed of the new, proposed abolition date. In the mean time,...

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  • Shareholder’s Agreements

    If you’re starting a business and thinking of incorporating you should be aware that, while there are many benefits, incorporation comes with its own potential pitfalls. For example, when a corporation is formed it will be issued with a constitution governing how the company can be run. This will usually be a stock standard document...

    Employment Law

  • A few tips if you are planning on going into business

    Starting a business involves a multitude of procedures and planning, from organising its future location and employees to delving into finer details such as its legal structure. A business’s future success depends on its inception. Doing business in Australia comes with unique challenges and advantages that must be taken into account prior to any deals...



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