Articles and legal news from the Atkinson Vinden Team.

  • Porn: Instant Dismissal?

    The prevailing assumption that an employee who accesses porn at work can be summarily dismissed has been dealt a blow by a recent Full Bench decision of the Fair Work Commission in B, C & D v Australia Post [2013]. In that case, Australia Post had identified 40 different workers who had been accessing and...

    Commercial Law, General

  • Lottery Winnings After Separation

    What happens when you are separated and you win Lotto?  Most people assume that the winnings all belong to them.  Unfortunately it is not that simple and there have been a few cases before the Family Court involving Lotto winnings with the most recent case being Eufrosin & Eufrosin [2013]. The husband and wife were...

    Family Law

  • “I thought this was a Casual Relationship…”

    Most companies have a clear idea of their relationship with their employees; be they permanent or casual staff. Unfortunately from time to time, our business clients approach the Employment Team with dismay and confusion because they have received a claim from a former employee who the business believed was casual, who now claims unpaid permanent...

    Employment Law

  • Forgiving Debts in the Family

    Parents will often loan their adult children funds to assist in building a new business or purchasing their first property.  Unfortunately, family relationships occasionally break down and the parties need to know where they stand and what their rights are to recover the funds. Forgiving the Debt The child (the borrower) will often say that...

    Family Law, Wills & Probate

  • There is nothing standard about a standard Building Contract

    Of late we have had multiple clients approach us seeking advice on a home building contract that has been provided by their builder. One common comment we hear at such times goes along the lines of: “It’s their standard contract, it should be pretty straight forward.” Unfortunately, these contracts are anything but straight forward. The...

    Property Law

  • New Window Safety Laws

    The Minister for Fair Trading recently announced new safety measures to prevent children falling from windows. All windows above the ground floor in existing residential strata schemes are to be retrospectively fitted with a lock or safety device which prevents the window opening more than 12.5cm. The NSW Government will amend the Strata Schemes Management...

    Commercial Law


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