Articles and legal news from the Atkinson Vinden Team.

  • GST Revisited

    The case law continues to mount in relation to GST issues and disputes.  Many of these involve the sale or acquisition of business assets and real estate. The most recent example involved a property developer, purchasing a suburban “commercial office” which the developer wanted to demolish, redeveloping the land for a residential unit development. The...

    Disputes, General

  • Transferring a Business Name

    If you are thinking of selling your business then there’s a good chance that you’ll need to transfer your Business Name along with it. While this used to be a relatively simple process when the Business Name registry was controlled by the NSW Department of Fair Trading the migration to ASIC has presented a number...

    Commercial Law, General

  • Hidden Traps Associated with Social Media

    As business owners many of you would be using social media as a tool to market your business. Social media allows for users, friends or fans of your social media advertising page such as Facebook or Twitter to post comments on your page. As a result of two recent decisions the Federal Court and Advertising...

    Commercial Law, General

  • Cloud Computing Agreements

    There are a number of concerns with cloud computing agreements, one of which is where your data will be stored or processed.  Potentially, when utilising storage in the cloud, your data may be located anywhere in the world.  This means that your data may be stored in multiple data centres, in multiple copies worldwide.  This...

    Commercial Law


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