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  • Binding Financial Agreements May Not Be Binding

    Binding Financial Agreements (“BFAs”) were intended to provide some certainty and control to married and de facto spouses who want the option of determining, by agreement, how to deal with their property, financial and other issues in the event of a future separation (commonly known as “pre-nuptial agreements”), or directly after separation. However, it is...

    Family Law

  • The ABC of Divorce

    The Family Law Act 1975 (Cth) provides only one ground for divorce in Australia.  This is that the marriage has broken down irretrievably.  This is only evidenced if the parties are separated and have lived separately and apart for not less than twelve months.  An application for a divorce order can only be applied for...

    Family Law

  • Directors Beware!

    The responsibilities and liabilities of directors have increased generally in recent times and now even more so with the provisions of the Pay As You Go Withholding Non-Compliance Tax Act 2012.  This Act will impact on all directors and their associates.  Essentially the changes under the new law are that: 1.        Penalties against directors are...

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