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  • Costs in Litigation

    Imagine spending 1 million dollars in a legal battle over a sum of $50,000.  It might sound outrageous, but this is precisely what happened in a matter which this firm recently inherited from another solicitor.  Naturally, the original reason for the dispute was all but forgotten in the battle to recover legal costs. This is...

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  • Mortgage Law Update

    Since the Global Financial Crisis, the Litigation Team at Atkinson Vinden have assisted high net worth individuals negotiate with lenders regarding existing loans during the turbulent economic climate for business. Individuals experiencing temporary difficulties in servicing existing loans, either for private purposes or for their businesses, should consider a number of options open to them...

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  • Sometimes we get it wrong

    On occasion, a person acting in a professional capacity on behalf of another may make an error of judgment which results in loss to the client.  This may include accountants, lawyers, financial advisors and doctors. In one example, we recently settled a case where we were acting for a client against his former solicitor.  The...


  • Excess Contributions to Superannuation……Postscript to April alert

    In last months message we countenanced this issue; since then the Federal Budget has been announced with significant changes proposed in respect to both concessional contributions [and their limits] and the manner in which they are taxed, none of which are likely to create any enthusiasm for those planning their retirement but rather a disincentive...

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  • Business Names Registration

    Finally, a worthwhile government initiative with respect to reducing red tape for small business.  For many years registering a business name has been handled through state agencies (in NSW, currently the Office of Fair Trading). From 28 May 2012 the process will be streamlined and managed nationally through ASIC, which will establish and oversee a...

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