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Staying updated with legal changes is not only important from a compliance perspective, but it also gives our clients a competitive advantage. Knowing your rights and obligations means you can take a proactive approach to your personal and commercial legal affairs, confident in the knowledge that you have everything covered.

At Atkinson Vinden we provide free educational resources to our clients in various forms. We run a number of public training events, which all of our clients and contacts are welcome to participate in. More information about upcoming events is located here. We also produce instructional videos on various topics of interest to clients.

We also provide high quality written resources that we would love you to receive.

First and foremost is our annual AffidAVit magazine, full of educational and interesting articles on a range of business and personal legal topics of interest to our clients. This publication runs to 40 pages, and contains outstanding thought leadership on such issues as HR management, strategic business thinking, and personal asset protection planning. Make sure you are subscribed to receive our next publication, due out in early February 2017. Back issues are available online below, and you can order hard copies by emailing Janice Martin.

We also produce a monthly email journal which we call LawAlert. Those subscribed to this service receive monthly updates on changes to the law, and recent cases, which are likely to be of interest and application to many of our clients. We also use LawAlert as a way of communicating with clients about upcoming events, so it is a good idea to get subscribed. Contact Janice Martin if you would like to receive this complimentary email journal. The contents from past LawAlerts can be found amongst our many articles found on this website here.

Let us know if there are topics of interest to you for future publications, seminars and videos, as we are keen to produce material that is valuable and which makes a genuine difference to our clients.

Client Newsletters

AffidAVit Publication 2019

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AffidAVit Publication 2018

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AffidAVit Publication 2017

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AffidAVit Publication 2016

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AffidAVit Publication 2015

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  • What do clients want?
  • Mitigation of Litigation
  • Client in focus:  island2island
  • North Shore Business Women’s Network
  • AV Boardroom Briefings for 2015
  • PRaMM
  • Why do I need to make a Will?
  • Technology & the law
  • Top 5 HR tips
  • AV goes viral
  • I want a divorce…what now?
  • Free legal resources

Issue One Summer 2013

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  • New Look for AV
  • Bullies Beware! New workplace laws we all need to know about
  • The art of Sally Stokes
  • Client Profile: Australasian Medical & Scientific (“AMSL”)
  • Your Money: Can SMSF’s borrow?
  • The Clash of Inheritances and Family Law
  • AV Boardroom Briefings for 2014
  • Updates: Changes to the law which may affect you

February/March 2013

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  • Property – Building Certificates and Unapproved Building Works – Beware!
  • “The Family Assets are Held via Trusts – How Does this Affect my Family Law Rights?”
  • Estate Planning – “How Can I control Who Receives my Super?”

October/November 2012

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  • Property – The Dangers of Accepting a Reduced Deposit
  • Family Law – Benefits of Settling Family Law Disputes of Court
  • Commercial Law – The Benefits of a Corporate Trustee for your Trust Fund

July/August 2012

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  • Firm News – Day Dockrill Join Us
  • Property Law – Changes to First Home Owner Grant Scheme
  • Estate Planning – Wills and More

February/March 2012

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  • Property Law – Residential Building Work Issues
  • Dispute Resolution – Wise Counsel: Going to Court
  • Estate Planning – Who gets your super when you die?

October/November 2011

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  • Family Law – Treatment of Superannuation
  • Estate Planning – More Rules and Regulations for Super Fund Members
  • Property Law – Practical Tips for a Smooth Settlement

July/August 2011

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  • Property Law – Agency Agreement Issues
  • Family Law – Problems with Credit Card Debt
  • Staff – St Edmund’s School Work Experience Program

February/March 2011

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  • Property Law – Obligations of Landlords and Vendors of Commercial Buildings
  • Family Law – Problems with couples living separately under the one roof
  • Guarantees – Technical issues where bank enforces Guarantee

July/August 2010

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  • The launch of our Facebook presence
  • Commercial – Trust Deed tribulations
  • Family Law – Would I benefit from a financial agreement?
  • Property – Land Tax lookout

Business Newsletters

February/March 2013

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  • Employment Law – Standing your Ground with Employees
  • Commercial – Dealing with Product Recalls; Banks Behaving Badly: Your Rights as a Commercial Borrower

October/November 2012

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  • Commercial – Business Succession Planning
  • Dispute Resolution and Litigation – Dealing with Disputes: Some Alternatives
  • Employment Law – Questions which cannot be asked in a job interview, the Dangers of a Staff Handbook

July/August 2012

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  • Firm News – Day Dockrill Join Us
  • Intellectual Property – Protecting your Intellectual Property
  • Employment Law – Handling Redundancies

March/April 2012

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  • Commercial Law – New Warranty Requirements
  • Commercial Property Law – Buying a Business Without a Secure Lease
  • Commercial Law – Why Trusts are Worth Considering

October/November 2011

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  • Information and Communication Technology Law – Does the Cloud have a Silver Lining?
  • Dispute Resolution & Litigation – Misleading and Deceptive Conduct in Business

July/August 2011

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  • Information and Communication Technology Law – Employee Fraud
  • Commercial Law – Partnership Disputes and Problems with Indemnities

February/March 2011

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  • Dispute Resolution & Litigation – Preventing the Destruction of Important Evidence
  • Employment Law – Paid Parental Leave – The New Scheme
  • Family Law – The Roles of Lawyers and Accountants in a Family Law Dispute

Retirement Villages Newsletters

Issue 22

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  • Mandatory Retirement Village Contracts
  • National Consumer & Credit Protection Act
  • Case Law Updates
  • Atkinson Vinden Retirement Village Seminar 2013

Issue 21

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  • Standard Retirement Village Contracts
  • Community Vitality
  • Case Law Updates
  • Tribunal Success Stories
  • AV Retirement Village Seminar

Issue 20

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  • Productivity Commission Report
  • GST Ruling
  • Plain English Lease
  • Recent Case Updates

Issue 19

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  • Unfair Contracts Legislation
  • GST update
  • Can an Operator include its management and accounting costs in its budget?
  • Recent Case Law

Issue 18

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  • New Legislation at Last!

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