Louise Cassar

Louise Cassar Senior Solicitor

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  • Family Law
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Dispute Resolution

Current Practice

Louise has extensive experience as a solicitor and claims manager practicing in insurance and commercial litigation and family law.

Louise’s experience in commercial litigation has provided her with the experience in conducting and managing complex family law property, parenting and child support matters in the Family Court and Federal Circuit Court of Australia.

Louise has experience in dealing with complex financial issues, advising in relation to business interests, trusts and self-managed superannuation funds, forum disputes, as well as smaller “house and garden” type financial matters.

An experienced litigator and advocate, Louise is conscious of providing clients with an alternative and less adversarial approach to litigation through negotiation and mediation when appropriate.

In commercial litigation, Louise uses her effective communication skills to resolve and address conflicts through advocacy and dispute resolution.

Louise has presented to Directors and Managers and has published and co-authored numerous articles and social media blogs.

In 2015-2016 in partnership with the University of Notre Dame Australia Law School, Sydney, Louise drafted a comprehensive submission to the NSW Government for the introduction of a Domestic Violence Intervention Program (DVIP).  The DVIP proposed a therapeutic and preventative approach when dealing with domestic and family violence matters in the Family Court.   In support of the program Louise co-authored an article in the Sydney Morning Herald “Helping Offenders change their behavior will help fight Domestic Violence” 14 December 2015.

Client Focus

Louise assists her clients through the often complex and emotional areas of family law by providing a guiding and thorough approach to resolving their matter.

In commercial litigation, Louise works with her clients to achieve the best outcome for their dispute.

Did you know?

Louise enjoys theatre and film and listening to true-crime podcasts. On a weekend Louise can be found in the company of family and friends enjoying a long lunch or scenic walk.


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