Lauren Maclachlan

Lauren Maclachlan Commercial / Property Paralegal

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Current Practice

Lauren Maclachlan is the Executive Assistant to Sheena Vinden, Senior Partner, and is a Commercial and Property Paralegal of the firm. She has extensive experience within the area of leasing (both retail and commercial) and assists in transactions involving sale/purchases of businesses and companies, preparation of corporate documentation and other business and company related documentation. Lauren is also highly involved in the Retirement Village area of the firm and assists with on-sale and leasing transactions for Operators of Retirement Villages.  The retirement village on-sales are heavily focused around both the retirement village and property areas of law.

Client Focus

Lauren has particular interest in leasing and has focused on this area of law for the past 12 years.

What my duties involve:

  • Commercial & retail leasing
  • Assisting in transactions involving sale/purchases of businesses and companies
  • Preparation of corporate documentation
  • Preparation of other business and company related documentation
  • Retirement Village on-sale and leasing transactions
  • Retirement Village property matters

Did you know?

Lauren was proposed to on Splash Mountain, Disneyland USA and then later married in Disneyland. In her spare time Lauren enjoys going to the movies, road trips, exploring the North and South Coasts of NSW and spending time with family and friends.


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