Annabel Murray

Annabel Murray Accredited Specialist Family Law

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  • Family Law Property
  • Children issues
  • Spousal Maintenance
  • Child Support
  • Divorce

Current Practice

Annabel is an accredited Family Law Specialist.  After her admission, Annabel practiced in commercial law including litigation, which experience is invaluable in dealing with complicated commercial or trust issues within the relationship.

Annabel practises in all aspects of family law, in parenting, property, child support and de facto matters. Annabel is experienced in settlement negotiations including informal as well as formal mediation.  She is also trained in collaborative law, which is an alternative option to litigation or other forms of alternate dispute resolution. Annabel is also experienced in family law litigation for those matters where litigation is appropriate.

Annabel’s expertise in family law is recognised by the New South Wales Law Society as Annabel is an accredited Family Law Specialist.  Annabel was a member of the NSW Law Society’s accreditation committee in 2018.  Annabel offers sound experience and expertise in this highly specialised field and is among only a small number of accredited family law specialists on Sydney’s North Shore.  Annabel has presented at conferences on a variety of family law related topics.

Client Focus

Annabel enjoys working with clients in a wide range of family law matters – not only in property and spousal support matters but has a particular interest in parenting matters.

Did you know?

Annabel loves swimming and cycling and would love to one day take up endurance swimming.


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