Anita Vayanos

Anita Vayanos Special Counsel, Family Law

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  • Family Law Property
  • Children issues
  • Spousal Maintenance
  • Child Support
  • Divorce

Current Practice

Anita has been a family law solicitor assisting clients to resolve their family law problems for over 20 years and joined Atkinson Vinden as Special Counsel.   She provides practical and comprehensive legal advice and representation on all aspects of family law.

Client Focus

The starting point is always to listen to your concerns, develop strategies and provide realistic and cost effective options to finalise your family law matter quickly with as little stress as possible.  Our clients are treated with empathy dignity and support. They know we walk with them every step of the way.

Issues important to Anita include explaining things clearly in plain English, being sensible and pragmatic about what outcomes will actually work, and always making sure that the needs of any children are carefully considered. She works hard to establish a rapport with the solicitor acting for the other party to facilitate a negotiated outcome where this is in the best interests of the client. Her experience and pragmatic approach ensures that your court orders are specially crafted to take into consideration your very unique circumstances.

Wherever possible Anita uses every option to ensure your matter is settled without having to resort to the court process. However if your matter has to go to court, Anita is a skilled negotiator and experienced advocate who helps her clients to present their very best case.  The recent court delays have seen a keen interest in family law practitioners using family law mediation.  Anita has both academic qualifications as well as experience in representing clients in family law mediations.

We engage our clients in the mediation process, explaining the steps, range of outcomes and what to expect on the day, so that the mediation has the best possible chance of success.

Due to Anita’s vast experience in the Family Law she receives referrals from a wide array of government and non-government sources. She has appeared as a public speaker at forums on Domestic Violence and family law seminars. She enjoys opportunities to share her knowledge and provides mentoring to other family law practitioners and junior staff.

In 2020, Anita is continuing further studies in a Collaborative Law Course.

Did you know?

In her spare time, Anita is a keen traveller enjoying different countries' cultures and histories as well as absorbing the ambience of each new destination.


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