Our People

Our commitment to staff development and training ensures that any staff deployed to work on your matter will provide a premium legal service appropriate to the situation.

The firm has deep resources, with around 40 staff, encompassing a Law Society Accredited Specialist in Business Law. With two Partners and five Special Counsel as well as a range of other experienced lawyers covering the firm’s core range of services, AV Lawyers is well positioned to provide high quality and timely legal advice to our clients.

Legal services are delivered through major practice areas, including Commercial, Disputes, Employment, Family, Property (including Retirement Villages) and Estate Planning.

If you would like to know more about each of the areas of the practice of the people who work in them, please click on the links below.

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  • Associates & Special Counsel
  • BD & Administration
  • Other Lawyers & Conveyancers
  • Paralegals
  • Partners
  • Commercial
  • Disputes
  • Employment
  • Family
  • Property
  • Estate Planning

Achievement Awards

Every member of the Atkinson Vinden team is exceptional. However during our staff retreat every year, we take the time to honour those who have gone above and beyond – those who embody our values and serve as a shining light for the rest of us.

The Right People Right Advice Trophy is given to someone who in the past 12 months has demonstrated a consistent commitment to the values of our Right People Right Advice culture, including providing outstanding client service and being committed to excellence in everything which they do.

The Achievement Trophy expresses the gratitude of the partners towards someone who has achieved something quite exceptional for the benefit of the firm in the course of the past year.

The Team Player Trophy is awarded to an employee who has consistently worked with an attitude of service towards others.

The Business Development Award recognizes the initiative of a member of the AV Team to build new business relationships and explore new ways to grow the AV Practice.

The Covid-19 Award is awarded to an employee who has given remarkable service in these trying times.


Mark Squire Right People Right Advice
Cheyenne Harkins Team Player
Anita Vayanos Achievement
Carmel Scholtz Special Covid-19 Award


Anne Goodrick Right People Right Advice
Carmen Fan Team Player
Sylvia Mansour Achievement
Guy Vinden Business Development


Hayley Thornber Right People Right Advice
Ainsley Fairall Team Player
Matt Metri Achievement
Cameron Giles Business Development


Shue Yin Lo Right People Right Advice
Andrea Linz Team Player
Mark Thompson Achievement
Leora Tius Business Development


Caitilin Watson Right People Right Advice
Lauren Maclachlan Team Player
Julie Phillpot Achievement
Suzanne Sadler Business Development


Eva Rickert Right People Right Advice
Sharron O’Connor Team Player
Miranda Thompson Achievement


Michael Smith Right People Right Advice
Kathryn Standen Team Player
Susan Firth Achievement

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