What’s it like working at Atkinson Vinden?

The directors of AV conducted an anonymous survey of staff to ask that very question.  The results were very heartening. It seems that at the heart of our firm is a strong valuing of the people themselves.  Of those surveyed, 87% said that the best thing about working at AV was the people. 84% also cited the good atmosphere and culture as being key to what they liked about working with us.

Staff identified the following as great aspects of working at Atkinson Vinden:

  • The flexibility and work life balance
  • The helpful and friendly management
  • The variety and fair workload
  • The stability of the company
  • The inclusivity of the workplace culture

Half of the respondents could not think of a single thing they would want to change about the firm’s culture.

These results are reflective of significant work which we continue to do as an employer to ensure that all of our staff are well-resourced and supported with the setting of realistic expectations.  We have a growth mentality, and encourage anyone who wants to be involved to participate in creative thinking and planning to make the firm as successful as it can possibly be.

We have an outstanding track record when it comes to gender equity, with 75% of our current management team being female.

  • 87%

    of staff said the best thing about working at AV is the people

  • 50%

    of staff could not think of a single thing they would want to change about our culture

  • 84%

    of staff identified our atmosphere and culture as key to why they work with us

  • 75%

    of the current AV management team is female

Right People / Right Advice

Why you should want to work at Atkinson Vinden

You need look no further than the following comments from current staff members:

“It’s a well-balanced workplace with a good mix of focus on business success and the happiness of the employees.”

“The firm is on track to be sensational.”

“AV’s values and culture are very positive, and it is one of the best environments I have ever been employed in.”

Our Values

The legal industry is not renowned for being proactive around workplace culture.  All too often the staff of law firms are viewed as billing machines, whose personalities and individual ideas are tolerated at best.

Sheena and Janelle are committed to the idea that the service that Atkinson Vinden delivers to clients will be far better when our people are valued and nurtured.  We take seriously the findings of workplace psychologists such as Daniel Pink that people will be happiest, and produce the best results, when they have a certain degree of autonomy in how they complete their work, that they are provided with the training and skills necessary to develop mastery over their work, and where there is a purpose underlying their role.

With this in mind, we have developed an expression of values built around the word BASES.

Our Vision Statement

Using the 5 BASES, we have come up with the following vision statement:

Building from a strong foundation, AV will become a firm whose hallmark characteristics include a commitment to excellence, authentic staff and client relationships, social engagement, and promoting a healthy work/life balance. These values will underpin our “Right People Right Advice” branding, and provide us all with the opportunity to fulfill our personal goals. We recognise that in order to achieve all of these things, it is foundational that the firm operates profitably and sustainably. We are committed to refining our areas of legal practice, our business development efforts, and our workplace methodologies, to ensure that our practice becomes even more successful in the future.

Sheena Vinden, Senior Partner

Would you like to work at Atkinson Vinden?

We’d love to hear from you.

To apply for a role, or if you would like us to consider you for future opportunities – get in touch.

Send a cover letter and your CV to our Chief Operating Officer, Jenny Gutwenger.  Please ensure to include how your skills and values would be well suited to Atkinson Vinden.

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